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  • Telenet

    Telenet approached Pami during the supplier selection process for this challenging project. Several parties were approached, but Pami stood out in their presentation of values, principles and working method. The alignment with Telenet's principles and values was striking. “The fact that Pami is a Belgian company, also affected our decision”, according to Peter Minnen, project manager with Telenet. "Pami offered the best response to Telenet's requirements by actively thinking along with us and designing customised solutions that met our needs. Pami is more than a supplier alone. As a partner, they joined Telenet at the drawing board and worked together to flesh out solutions for their interior, furniture and tailored pieces.” According to Kris Legroe, Employee Services Director with Telenet, the most important function of their office is now that of a meeting place. “Since employees are working from home much more now, the office stimulates the connection between employees and with the Telenet culture. Together with Pami, as a workspace designer, we fleshed out various concepts to support hybrid and agile working. The Telenet offices function as a type of city, where the atrium acts as the central square, comparable to the Grote Markt. This is where people meet and move across various departments.” Each floor was fitted with different types of workspaces, such as brainstorming rooms, creative meeting rooms and one-on-one rooms. In addition, there are traditional desks where people work on their own or make phone calls. To facilitate focus work, Telenet and Pami designed the library. This is where employees are able to work fully focused, for an hour, half a day or even an entire day. The collaboration was very smooth. At the start of the project, there was a lot of sparring between Pami and Telenet about the detailing of the various concepts, but everything was delivered on time and within budget in the end. And to everyone’s satisfaction at that. Not just the project team’s, but all of Telenet employees. The result is very well received and the employees feel completely at home on their bespoke floors. Telenet is ready for the future!”, concludes Kris Legroe.

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  • Brucity

    Brucity is the attractive new home for the civil servants of the City of Brussels. As Belgian specialist in workspace designing, Pami took care of the entire office furnishing. In just eight weeks, we equipped all workstations and meeting rooms with custom-made furniture that we developed in record time. For this, our R&D department worked very closely with the architect. We created modular elements that fittted within the overall concept: a combination of custom desks and acoustic walls in all kinds of shapes. We combined these into different settings within the hybrid working environment. Throughout the project, we took into account the strict requirements in terms of acoustics, ergonomics and sustainability. This included the use of recycled or refurbished materials and furniture. We used our experience and specific project coordination to complete this extensive job in such a short time, at a rate of one floor per week. We are therefore particularly proud that, as a Belgian company, we helped shape the headquarters of the City of Brussels, capital of Europe.

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  • World Environment Day

    World Environment Day, a day on which we draw extra attention to the importance of the environment for our planet and our society. Everyone is responsible for our earth and its resources. This blog offers a glimpse of our own efforts.

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  • Let colours do the talking in the office

    Colour is emotion and plays an important role in how we feel about something. By using colour in the right way, you can make the working environment more pleasant and improve the employee experience. That’s why it’s important to pay more attention to the use of colour in your interiors. But how do you decide which colours to use and how best to use them?

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